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adv.1.In a wood, mad, or raving manner; madly; furiously.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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[USA], May 1 (ANI): Actor Shailene Woodly is all set to be a part of an upcoming serial killer thriller 'Misanthrope'.
|| Dorothy Woodly (20), of Woodlands Road, Binley, Coventry, had a narrow escape from serious injury when the car she was driving overturned on the Brandon Road, Coventry.
In her book The Politics of Common Sense, Deva Woodly observes that a key difference in the success of the marriage movement and the decline of the living wage movement has been the adequate framing of the issue.
The ladies battle it out as Jennifer Lawrence , Reese Witherspoon, Emma Stone , Shailene Woodly and Scarlett Johansson are up for Best Female Performance.
However, as we will note, the Internet offers its own, specific challenges to diversity: fragmented audiences, partisan selectivity, and an increasing homogenization of available information could lead to increased polarization and confrontation in public discourse (Bennett & Iyengar, 2008; Hargittai, 2007; Nie, Miller, Golde, Butler, & Winneg, 2010; Scheufele, Hardy, Brossard, Waismel-Manor, & Nisbet, 2006; Woodly, 2007).
Woodly, 21, made her screen debut in 1999s "Replacing Dad." More parts followed in "The District" (2000), "The O.C." (2003) and "Crossing Jordan" (2001), among others.
Instead of relying on officially assigned translators or their own, often poor Chinese language skills, posters can rely upon the frequently updated translations of Chinese materials, which offer journalists an alternative means of becoming aware of newsworthy stories, or of accessing alternative interpretations of events in China similar to the often symbiotic relationship that has emerged between bloggers and journalists in North America and Europe (Farrell & Drezner, 2008; Woodly, 2008).
Having seen the benefits of how a new shop fit can help boost business first hand, Tara Woodly, design manger at Style Design, told OT: "In the past year or so we've had customers come to us and say they are struggling and know that [having a practice refit] is going to be the way forward to improve business.
It also accused Woodly of "negotiating through the media" rather than talking to them directly through Acas, an organisation dedicated to resolving employment disputes.
She has had him declared legally dead and is now in a whirl of romances - namely, with vacuum cleaner salesman Herb Shuttle and peacenik doctor Norbert Woodly. She is understandably reluctant to jump back into Harold's arms.
Deva Woodly, University of Virginia: "Theology Matters: Understanding the Role of Ideology in African American Political Participation"
The ladies battle it out as Jennifer Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon, Emma Stone, Shailene Woodly and Scarlett Johansson are up for Best Female Performance.