Woodrow Wilson Guthrie

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Noun1.Woodrow Wilson Guthrie - United States folk singer and songwriter (1912-1967)
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Pete Seeger was born 100 years ago this Friday, during Woodrow Wilson's second presidential term, and lived long enough to usher in America's first black president with a rousing rendition of This Land is Your Land, unofficially acknowledged as the United States' alternative national anthem, written by Seeger's friend and mentor Woodrow Wilson Guthrie, better known as Woody.
Woodrow Wilson Guthrie, who was born in 1912 in Okemah, Okla., and died in 1967 at 55, powered his way through life by writing more than 3,000 songs, an autobiography (Bound for Glory), dozens of notebooks and drawings, and with a willingness to sing wherever the country's broke and broken would gather, from hobo camps to picket lines.
I have recruited some friends (Martyn Joseph joins him at Treorchy) to join me at the shows to add their voices and interpretations to the ever evolving and continually relevant words and work of Woodrow Wilson Guthrie.