Woody fiber

(Bot.) Fiber or tissue consisting of slender, membranous tubes tapering at each end.
A single wood cell. See under Wood.

See also: Woody, Woody

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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= to prepare flax for weaving as linen it is softened(technically, "retted") by soaking in water, separated from its woody fibers by beating ("scutched"--this seems to be what Cooper means by "crackling"), and finally combed ("hatcheled")}
The process turns the woody fiber into the super-soft fabric buyers associate with bamboo, but it also requires carbon disulfide and bleaching to achieve--all chemicals linked to serious health problems.
Simmons said that once the EmimAc had dissolved the switchgrass biomass into its three components - cellulose and hemicellulose sugars, plus lignin, the woody fiber that gives strength and structure to plant cell walls - the subsequent addition of an anti-solvent, such as water, resulted in the sugars being precipitated out while most of the lignin remained in solution, a requirement for recovering the sugars.
The harsh flavor and flagrance is removed, along with a controllable amount of the coffee bean's woody fiber that is also broken down and removed.
This means that 60% of a cup of typical instant coffee is woody fiber, since the coffee flavor and fragrance fraction is only 40% of that cup.
This text is divided into three sections: structure, chemistry and physical properties of woody raw materials; preparation of woody fiber raw material; and overview of non-wood plant fibers.
What you'd really have is 80 pounds of woody fiber and 20 pounds of flavor and fragrance which is extractable.
"Visually, I could tell you a lot about how if you've got a cup of soluble coffee in front of you, how you could detect it versus a cup of extract., just from an appearance point of view." With a desire to develop a quick and convenient coffee that also has a consistent taste, Kalenian and his company developed and patented an extraction method that removes only the signature flavor and fragrance of coffee and never any of the woody fiber. They have applied for patents on a worldwide basis.
The woody tissue and the remnants of the pith constitute the "hurds." [The pith remnants constitute less than 1 % of the hurds, but some authors mistakenly refer to the entire hurds as pith; the phrase "woody core" is often applied to all tissues internal to the cambium, and the phrases "woody fibers" and "wood fibers" pertain to the hurd fibers.
Larger pods will begin developing woody fibers that will not break down in cooking.
The WPI team is working on ways to develop biofuels from cellulose, the woody fibers found in all plants.