Wool ball

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a ball or mass of wool.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They included misplaced naso or oro-gastric tubes, two incidents of foreign objects such as a cotton wool ball being left inside a patient after surgery, and three cases of surgery being carried out on the wrong site.
Children can easily tolerate chemical cautery with small cotton wool ball.
More than 130 residents of private rest homes took part in activities ranging from throwing a wool ball, tossing a pancake, a music quiz and a wheelchair relay of four times 25 metres.
The way to oil your fretboard/fingerboard is to take a cotton wool ball and pour a few drops of oil into it.
Either remove the tail for the next child's turn and mark the spot, or use one cotton wool ball for each child and just write his or her name next to the tail and leave it up until everyone has had a turn (or use coloured balls).
To this day I wonder if consultants brought in to suggest names or was it chosen by a committee in the civic centre with the collective imagination of a cotton wool ball? We waited, we speculated, would it be perhaps The Lanes?
The Pretty Paws salon owner was pitted against more than 50 of the best groomers from across the continent but they proved no match for Alison, whose impressive skills saw the four-year-old pooch transformed from a cotton wool ball explosion into the best looking gal in town.
The method of administration involved was using cotton wool ball which was moistened with the chlorhexidine solution and was used to gently clean the cord stump, the base and the skin immediately around the base.
For any stubborn splodges, use an oil-based make-up remover and gently wipe away with a cotton wool ball.
Just sweep a cotton wool ball dipped in the milk across the skin for instant results," Caroline suggests.
If you plan to store your favourite coats and woolly jumpers for next year, add a cotton wool ball with a few drops of lavender, rosemary, camphor or cedar wood to ward off moths and silverfish.
Wool Ball by Purrfectplay (Five sizes, $4.95 to $11.75)