n.1.A negro.
References in classic literature ?
He got the woolly-head by the middle, and away he went, the poor devil, head, shoulders, and arms out of the water all the time, screeching in a heart-rending way.
The woolly-heads made a run for me, each with a long-handled, fantail tomahawk with which to hack off my head.
The custom of the woolly-heads of burying their dead in the sea did not tend to discourage the sharks from making the adjacent waters a hangout.
I was just hailing for a boat when one of the woolly-heads began to scream.
Some people think the woolly-heads are miserable, working on hot plantations under a broiling sun--and all such sorts of inconveniences.
I'm sick to death of the scenario where, every time a kid gets mauled, some woolly-head pops up saying: "But these dogs are just pets.