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a.1.Oozy; wet.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Or are you a completely witless, incompetent, insecure woosy, complainer with no cojones like everyone says you are?
They'd be saying that big woosy used to be a centre-half."
Tomorrow's party will see the unveiling of the brand new Room Britannia and the introduction of the new Garlands "Royal Family" a team of "drag queens, freaks, fakes and wannabes" as long-time Garlands collaborator Marky Jay, aka Archbishop Woosy de Havilland, puts it.
I'm just happy that Lee and I got a point on the board for the team and for Woosy.
ID HUGHES (87-17-69) beat N S Williams (81-12-69) on a countback to win the Monthly Medal at H E N L LYS with E Woosy (90-20-70) t h i rd .
Thoroughly winded, and a bit woosy, Alice made her excuses and left.
Fried egg, sausage, black pudding and fried bread poked around the plate by a large fried tomato guided by a woosy fork will do nicely, though a McDonald's Big Breakfast comes fairly close in the speed-of-action stakes.
Q:I'M fed up feeling woosy from the antihistamines I take for my hayfever.
It was a great match because Woosy is such a great competitor, but I was six under this morning and seven this afternoon and I hope I can take that form into the weekend.'
"I don't think Woosy will be too worried about the content of the team."