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Noun1.wordnet - any of the machine-readable lexical databases modeled after the Princeton WordNet
lexical database - a database of information about words
2.WordNet - a machine-readable lexical database organized by meanings; developed at Princeton University
synset - a set of one or more synonyms
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
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(n.d.) Retrieved February 17, 2007, from wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn
Princeton University's WordNet lexicon (http://wordnet.princeton.edu), in fact, defines serendipity as "good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries."
POWER WORDS (adapted from the CDC and WordNet at Princeton University)
A de facto standard for building lexical ontologies is WordNet (www.wordnet.princeton.edu, Fellbaum 1998), a lexical database under constant development at Princeton University (www.globalwordnet.org, Felbaum and Vossen 2008); the wordnet model has been adopted in EurWordNet (EWN) (Vossen et alii 1997), a multilingual lexical database which maps together lexicons of ordinary languages belonging to eight European languages.
--Resnik used the bonds which exist in WordNet between names which appear in a certain window of a text to determine the direction of these names [3].
The most existing ontologies, like WordNet (WordNet 2006), which can be used as a lexical ontology, Protege ontologies (not all), ontologies presented by (Culmone et al.
The author concludes that the knowledge derived from Wikipedia compares favorably with the manually constructed knowledge bases Cyc and WordNet. Ponzetto submitted the dissertation at the University of Stuttgart.
A small sampling of topics to give some idea of the range: data protection and privacy digital laws in Malaysia; WordNet based Sindhi text to speech synthesis system; a lexicographic ordering genetic algorithm for solving multi-objective view selection problem, determination of the residual power of the fissionable fuel by modeling, mathematical derivative of the modified critical state theory and its application in soil mechanics, and mathematical model for probability of salvation--theory of karma.
Supervision is the management, guidance or direction by overseeing the performance or operation of a person or group (WordNet, 2007).
The WordWeb database is based on Princeton University's WordNet project, with additions and corrections to it.