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1. An applet by which word clouds can be created on a computer.
2. A word cloud made by means of this applet.

[Coined by Jonathan Feinberg (born 1967), American software engineer who developed the applet .]
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They used a variety of tools to create their campaigns: word clouds (Wordle and Tagxedo), prezi, voice-over PowerPoints, and infographics.
"Even if I [as Steve Dembo] have explained why Wordle is significant 30 times, it's not going to be as meaningful as when it's done by somebody else who has a relatively similar viewpoint.
Beginning with an opening essay on beauty the work showcases several interesting projects and practices such as interactive visualization, Wordle, color and data graphics, New York City subway maps, flight patterns, visualizing Wikipedia, matrices and unfolding complex systems.
But words like "horrible", "nauseating", "disgusting" and "sickly" more accurately reflected the general tone, as seen in our Wordle graphic, right, which shows the frequency of the words used to describe the smell.
For instance, a site called Wordle lets users input a text, and with the click of a button a "word cloud" emerges which renders the passage visually with the more frequently used words represented by bolder and larger fonts.
wordle.com is a fun website that creates a"word cloud" from blocks of text you provide.
After a small break to enjoy the music and to take a look around the tastefully decorated pub which had the right balance of Lancashire countryside projected in its furniture, prints and artifacts without being over the top ``Olde Wordle'' we returned to the sweet menu.
Some qualitative data were represented in the form of words clouds using the free software, WORDLE (available at http://www.wordle.net).
For instance, apply Wordle or Tagxedo to create a word cloud.