Words of Praise

Words of Praise

  1. For you, words are like birds. They sing. They fly —Helen Hudson

    The character who thus praises a friend’s gift with words describes himself as someone for whom “Words are worms.”

  2. (My wife … always) looks like a barrel full of Stardust —Moss Hart
  3. My doll is as dainty as a sparrow —Oscar Hammerstein II, from lyric for South Pacific

    The lyric heaps simile upon simile with “Where she’s narrow, she’s as narrow as an arrow.”

  4. My sister, my spouse, is a secret spring —John Hall Wheelock

    This is the first line and leitmotif of a poem entitled An Old Song.

  5. She seemed like a yellow sunrise on mountain tops —O. Henry
  6. She shines against the backdrop of this provincial place like a jewel on a beggar’s coat. She is like the moon forgotten by the pale sky of the day. She is like a butterfly over a plain of snow —Milan Kundera
  7. When I walk with you I feel as if I had a flower in my buttonhole —William Makepeace Thackeray
  8. When she passed it seemed like the ceasing of exquisite music —Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  9. When you came, you were like red wine and honey … now you are like morning bread, smooth and pleasant —Amy Lowell
  10. When you get up, it’s like the flag being raised. I want to pledge allegiance —John Updike
  11. You’re a girl like candy —Clifford Odets
  12. You’re beautiful, like a May fly —Ernest Hemingway to Mary Welsh before she became Mrs. Hemingway
  13. You’re perfect as a textbook example —Sharon Olds

    Poet Olds uses the simile in a poem dedicated to her father and aptly entitled The Ideal Father.

  14. Your lips taste like paradise —Isaac Bashevis Singer
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It is saddening also to note that many of us only say words of praise and encouragement to others when the recipients of the words of praise and encouragement are already dead.
Taking a jibe at Imran Khan, Afzal said the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman has never uttered words of praise for any positive development.
This came after all the speakers showered him with words of praise when bidding him farewell.
He will say: "It is the hypocrisy that turns the stomach, when in the terrorist attacks or the Grenfell Tower fire, these Conservative politicians give warm words of praise and then a week later vote to cut those same people's incomes, having cut thousands of their colleagues' jobs already.
Edhi's acts of philanthropy are innumerable and no words of praise are adequate to describe these acts and the positive impact.
The Council also had words of praise for the London International Conference in Support of Syria albeit, the juggernaut of killing must stop and Syrian territorial integrity and the dignity of its people must be preserved, the IJC statement concluded.
Barlas is among the journalists who attend these interviews, frequently mocked on social media for his comments and words of praise for Erdoy-an.
I tried to write some words of praise,amidst this act of war, to hold our people's heads up, proud
Therefore, perhaps it would be smart if the members of the Committee do not waste words of praise but simply announce that nobody deserves the Peace Price in 2014.
JORDAN HENDERSON has celebrated his promotion to Liverpool's vice-captain with words of praise for the 'perfect role model' Steven Gerrard.
In a statement issued here, Rasheed said PPP should remember its words of praise for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the occasion of Thar Coal Project's inauguration.
President Anastasiades pointed out that there have been positive credit ratings after 22 consecutive downgradings, and Cyprus has obtained four consecutive positive evaluations from the Troika of international lenders, as well as words of praise from international analysts and media, adding that the most important and indicative reassurance was the successful opening to international markets.