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A form of welfare in which capable adults are required to perform work, often in public-service jobs, as a condition of receiving aid.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a scheme under which the government of a country requires unemployed people to do community work or undergo job training in return for social-security payments
[C20: from work + (wel)fare]



a government plan under which employable welfare recipients are required to accept public-service jobs or participate in job training.
[1965–70; work + (wel) fare]
allocation conditionnelle
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It is important for everyone to realise that the PML-N has made a name for itself for more than three decades and parties like the PTI can do little to challenge them unless the latter prove that they can work for welfare of the common people.
He was confident that the new office bearers of HPC and HUJ would work for welfare of journalist community and freedom of press.
Later, NAB senior officers also put pressure on ICT registrar office not to issue notification about victory of Ittehad group and after this failure, freeze assets of the society by misusing the powers so that Ittehad group could not launch work for welfare of society and allottees.
Mr Khan said that government should set up child protection units in all the districts to work for welfare of children and control violence against them.
He hoped that they will work for welfare of Journalist Community and freedom of press which is essential for strengthening democracy in the country.
They hoped that the new NPC office bearers will work for welfare of the journalist community and the freedom of press.
The awards celebrate the very best work in the legal profession and the firm was recognised for its Access to Justice Programme, founded in May 2015 to deliver end to- end case work for welfare benefit appeals at the First Tier Tribunal.
Meanwhile, Tehsil councilor Badraga Irshad Khan Mohamand said he came to politics aiming to work for welfare of masses.
This stinks of what was brought in decades ago by the Americans as Work For Welfare, where people who were in paid employment were being made redundant and then replaced by either another person or the same person doing the same job but only for benefits.
The party will work on the political solution of the insurgency problem in Assam, rooting out of fundamentalism, halting of infiltration, implement the Assam Accord, work for welfare of ethnic communities and inclusion of six agitating communities in the scheduled tribe list," the election manifesto said.
And we receive a modest commission from the telephone companies so members and supporters can assist the BHS and its work for welfare, safety and access rather than push up the share price of a faceless dot com.
The idea behind the initiative is to lessen the stress of transportation in transitioning to work for welfare recipients.