work station

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work station



1. (Building) an area in an office where one person works
2. (Computer Science) computing a device or component of an electronic office system consisting of a display screen and keyboard used to handle electronic office work

work′ sta`tion

or work′sta`tion,

1. a work or office area assigned to one person, often one accommodating a computer terminal or other electronic equipment.
2. a computer terminal or microcomputer connected to a mainframe, minicomputer, or data-processing network.
3. a powerful microcomputer, often with a high-resolution display, used for computer-aided design, electronic publishing, or other graphics-intensive processing.

work station

nstazione f di lavoro
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Lai Lung-hui, Director of the Alishan Work Station in the Forest Service's Chiayi Forest Management Office told CNA that the Alishan Flower Festival does not start until March, however the Taiwan cherry, Kuril cherry and Kawazu-zakura cherry trees are all in bloom in the Alishan National Scenic Area.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement of work station for klp (teo acct sec) for beg and centre, kirkee
In addition to the carousel and work station rotation each spindle has its own rotational movement.
They can all take the abuse of a busy police armorer's bench, cleaning station, club work station or hobbyist's garage.
8221; This innovative design offers Operators a mobile work station mounted comfortably on vest.
This table has a heightadjustable work station mounted on a rectangular base for each person that the table can fit.
The slip resistant anti fatigue Might Max mats were then placed over the top of the grating at specific work station areas.
UAE corporations are demanding eco-friendly offices that are functional and trendy, leading to space management and work station plans becoming an integral part of office design.
The bar has six work stations and the expected revenue each of the club's eight bartenders generates varies from work station to work station.
This calls for changing the entire facility, not just the adjustability of the work station and chair, but the lighting, visual line of sight and ambient noise levels.
One of the best ways to successfully integrate a broad curriculum, as well as increase studio income, is by incorporating a work station into the independent studio.
has introduced the Demag KBK Freestanding Work Station.