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work·ers' compensation

Payments required by law to be made to an employee who is injured or disabled in connection with work.
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In some other states, when the courts or the legislature recognized that fines, penalties and audits were not persuasive in convincing the defendants to properly handle worker's comp claims and provide the injured worker with the needed medical care and wage benefits, the tort of bad faith has been allowed.
Overall, Fitch says given worker's comp represents 18 percent of the P&C industry commercial lines net written premium, coupled with market hardening and underwriting improvements promoting earnings stability, Fitch says insurers are viewed "favorably from a credit perspective.
Provides: Chiropractic, dance class, dental, FICA/MC, health insurance, shoe allowance, worker's comp.
Sometimes, an employee is off on Worker's Comp leave under state law, and if that leave hasn't been designated as a Family and Medical Leave Act leave, there is nothing to prevent that employee from taking unpaid FMLA leave on top of Worker's Comp leave.
This one injury could cost a company an additional $100,000 in legal fees resulting from worker's comp claims.
Littler Mendelson, Jerry Fogel (architect of the Florida worker's comp reforms), Cheryl Morosini, Dave Chetcuti, Angela Livingston, Annette Lindley, Diane Cohen, Debra Hinz, First Comp, CCMSI, Sedgwick CMS, and Travelers Insurance.
The worker's comp system there, for example, is upgrading its computer system and business processes to allow for the electronic filing of many items that now must be completed on paper forms.
Little explains, "There are a couple of reasons that we are ranked #1 on that list: first, as California's only investor owned direct writer of worker's comp, we have developed a low cost infrastructure that avoids costly middlemen; second, as a newer company, we do not have an inventory of old claims that continue to require increased funding from current period financial results.
The National Council on Compensation Insurance projects that the combined ratio of the worker's comp line for accident year 1998 is about 122.

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