workers' compensation

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work·ers' compensation

Payments required by law to be made to an employee who is injured or disabled in connection with work.
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Employers Moving into Hawaii with Its Workers' Comp
That could have important considerations for businesses when deciding which employees need to be covered by workers' comp. Just because someone works remotely for a business, for example, doesn't necessarily mean the business doesn't need to provide workers' comp coverage.
submitted information to the state on how they will retroactively correct charges to employers for workers' comp policies written between April 1 and Dec.
We are once again hearing calls from the business community about the need for more changes in the workers' comp system in Illinois.
Illinois lawmakers have passed two workers' compensation bills--including one that would create a new state workers' comp insurer--which the American Insurance Association said would result in government interference harmful to the in-state marketplace.
If you have a unique risk management approach or a success story to share, we and your fellow workers' comp managers want to know about it.
Workers' compensation costs have fallen by nearly 10 percent in New Hampshire, which means that the cost of workers' comp insurance premiums will go down as a whole, though the rates will differ vastly from company to company.
Are you particularly proud of your organization's workers' comp program?
Tampa, FL, May 24, 2016 --( The EZ Comp team, with its 50+ years of combined healthcare and workers comp experience would like to introduce its newly reinvented dental and specialty services programs in the workers' comp space.
Michael Monagle, director of the state Division of Workers' Compensation, says workers' comp insurance rates dropped about 2.5 percent this year--but he expects the downward trend to shift.
In 2011, a total of 3,349,925 workers' comp claims were found in the Insurance Services Office (ISO) ClaimSearch database, NICB indicated.
A study by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health found a disparity between white non-Hispanic construction workers and Hispanic or black construction workers when considering workers' comp settlements.

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