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1. The flow or progress of work done by a company, industry, department, or person.
2. The rate at which such flow or progress takes place.


(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) a sequence of operations in a workplace



the flow or amount of work to and from an office, department, or employee.
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Noun1.workflow - progress (or rate of progress) in work being doneworkflow - progress (or rate of progress) in work being done
progress, advancement - gradual improvement or growth or development; "advancement of knowledge"; "great progress in the arts"
flux de travaux


[ˈwɜːkfləʊ] Nvolumen m de trabajo
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0 SLR was designed as an easy-to-learn system that focuses on helping customers optimize and streamline their resource and patient care workflows, while assisting them in controlling costs and meeting business objectives.
Facets e2 Workflow automates manual processes and streamlines workflows, helping health plans to reduce claims turnaround times and administrative costs, while helping to increase satisfaction among providers and members.
RBA gives IT organizations the ability to automate the process of designing, creating, orchestrating, administering and reporting on workflows used to control IT operations across the data center.
For example, documents can now be routed into different approval workflows based on an invoices amount, customer name, or other defined criteria and processes that fit the business.
With the Fiery open platform and compliance with industry standards such JDF, PDF, and PPML, Fiery System 8 readily integrates into customers' overall print shop operations, including offset/digital hybrid and Computer-to-Plate (CTP) environments and third-party graphic arts workflows, with full functionality operating in both Windows and Macintosh environments.
The Canon solutions on display here at the show will complement existing offset workflows for commercial printers and businesses with printing operations, and assist in transitioning other print providers toward digital printing process.
New Program to Help Maximize Workflows, Drive Business and Increase Profitability for Printers
Demand Management Software Provider Unveils the Only Leading Service Catalog with ITIL([R])-licensed Workflows, Robust Workflow Engine
The award submission highlighted how two Soarian-driven workflows, Bed Management and Infection Control, have yielded important positive outcomes for TCCH by reducing the number of manual steps within the process of identification, notification and tracking.
As with previous versions of the product, the workflow engine provides a 100% web-based interface that enables users to graphically model and build their processes, enables documents, forms and tasks to be automatically routed in accordance with defined business processes, provides automated notification and due date management, as well as both pre-determined and dynamic routing, workflow administration and reporting and graphical views of workflows in progress.
0 is an innovative network server solution for creating reliable and highly scalable workflows for prepress, printers, and publishers of magazines and newspapers.
Soarian's core differentiator is its unique-to-healthcare workflow engine that facilitates and tracks technology-driven "workflows" designed to help users increase efficiency, improve patient safety, and achieve desired clinical and financial outcomes - while supporting key quality and regulatory initiatives.

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