Working beam

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Eggers built a 70-foot (20-meter) lighthouse with a working beam that, he proudly said in an interview before the movie's premiere, could shine for 16 miles (25 kilometers).
It was joined in 1812 by a Boulton and Watt with a 42in (107cm) bore cylinder, which is now the oldest working beam engine in the world still in its original location.
event when visitors can go back in time and meet Boulton and see working beam and traction engines on display..
The 60 Die LED array has a 40[degrees] radiation beam angle with higher intensity in the center of the working beam, compared to other LED arrays.
The kit consists of a laser transmitter that projects a working beam up to 80 feet away.
Two-way sulky plows use a horizontal hitch, which provides for automatic shifting of the evener clevis to the front of the working beam by means of a roller moving on a horizontal draft bar.
This is an elegant contraption, with a flying beam set on the outer edge of the rectangular columns and a much deeper, working beam on their inner edges.
Working beam and traction engines will be on display as well as a miniature steam railway in the garden that people will be able to travel on for free.