Working house

a house where work is performed; a workhouse.

See also: Working

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Working House is Taiwan's top household brand and retailer, covering living, product and space art and specializes in restaurant, kitchen, toiletry, furniture, decoration, gardening and stationary product development and design.
Comparing with other industry players, Working House started applying information system rather early, with the system applications including POS as well as sharing of business information between headquarter and suppliers.
Currently, Working House adopts the account/password mechanism as its security verification application method.
To improve the current supplier procurement procedure and strengthen overall system security verification, Working House has decided to ask Ares to provide consultant services and help integrate overall PKI implementation of its supply chain.
Cheng-Hsiang Cheng, a manager with Working House, indicates the overall system plan of Working House covers its suppliers and stores.
Shopping habits have changed - the big change is the working house wife who wants to do all her shopping under one roof and park her car outside.
He gradually builds up the complexity of the devices being built such that by the end of the work the reader should be able to build, for example, a working house burglar alarm, including coded key pad and various functional timers.
Up through the early '60s, he taught in high school and college, sending students into Catholic working houses of hospitality in hopes of radicalizing them to side with the ideals of nonviolence and with the poor, as he himself one day would.