Working point

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(Mach.) that part of a machine at which the effect required; the point where the useful work is done.

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For each altitude, the initial conditions considered in each simulation are the 1st working point of 15.3 kW, which will be referred hereinafter as the engine "idle power." After the simulation for the 1st working point converged, the 2nd working point was applied by changing the throttle position and applying the appropriate values of the Wiebe function and Woschni correlation variables.
The best working point ([[omega]'.sub.r], [T'.sub.L]) that corresponds to the best electric energy efficiency of the drive motor is selected as the searching target of the PSO searching process.
System flow resistance at the design working point of the primary pump is selected to calculate the loop pressure set point as expressed in Equation (2).
Establishing the functional parameters in Witness, at the working point, for the tool exchanging times is made by using data obtained for the process simulation (Cotet et al., 2007).
* Official numerical identification of working points (also used by the SAP system);
Figure 7 displays plots of output (at working point, using a die with [D.sub.i]/[D.sub.0] = 0.75) versus rotational speed for two extreme cases, i.e.
When taking in consideration concentrated systems we can define them as being a single assembling point, receiving parts from different working points.
Using PMSM finite element model, the numerical results of flux linkage in different steady working points ([i.sub.d], [i.sub.q]) have been obtained.
The bank said the agencies and working points of the Romanian subsidiary in a number of locations are closed.
We define diffused manufacturing systems as architectures with more than two working points connected by transport and transfer systems and using buffers (Coulouris et al., 1995).