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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: record - the best record in the whole world
record - an extreme attainment; the best (or worst) performance ever attested (as in a sport); "he tied the Olympic record"; "coffee production last year broke all previous records"; "Chicago set the homicide record"
record du monde
primato mondialerecord del mondorecord mondiale
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Nairobi will be the centre of attraction today as Kenya-born American basketball trickster Joe Odhiambo goes for his 18th world record in ball handling.Just last June, "Big Joe" reclaimed one of his world records in Maui, Hawaii spinning one basketball for the longest time on one hand, a feat that lasted 12 minutes and 43 seconds.
Summary: New York [US], Aug 13 (ANI): John Oliver, the US television host who is known for his wicked sense of humour and witty jokes, would have never thought that a funny episode meant to address Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov's obsession will attract strong backlash from the Guinness World Records.
ISLAMABAD -- National women football team captain Hajra Khan made the country proud by breaking three Guinness World Records, pulling off the latest one in France.
However, it was 1987 when Golden received the international fame after jumping over 22 cars, covering a distance of 249 feet with a motorbike to break the previous world record and enter the Guinness Book of World Records.
The waterpark still awaits the confirmation of the World Waterpark Association (WWA) and Guinness World Records for the attempt to beat the existing world record.
There, organiser Jas Lewis says Guinness World Records has given them the go-ahead to set the first world record for the largest ever gathering of people dressed as Evel Knievel.
"We now have to wait to hear from Guinness World Records to ascertain if they are happy with our attempt."
KARACHI -- The Guinness World Records website on Tuesday named five strength records from 2018 with Pakistan's Mohammad Rashid leading the list.
Akbar, who already has six world records under his belt, added another accolade to his list of achievements by getting a seventh record for the family.
Summary: Guinness World Records will also unveil an Arabic Instagram page for specifically targeting the local audiences.
While on their way to the starting line, they came across a Guinness World Records stand in Green Park, held in conjunction with the running event.
Guinness World Records - Guinness World Records Official Website Cairo will witness the largest flag flown by a paramotor on April 28, 2018 in an attempt to break a new record for Guinness World Record.

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