Worm gearing

gearing consisting of a worm and worm wheel working together.

See also: Worm

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Because worm gearing has such a high ratio it will not back-drive.
* Up to 40% more efficient than standard worm gearing
* Longer life expectancy than that of standard worm gearing
The so formed gearing is named worm gearing. The axis of the component of the ale worm gearing are not parallel and not concurrent, usually perpendicular one to another one.
The cylindrical worm gearing has at the basis of it geometric and dimensional construction and at the base of it generation a theoretic worm named reference worm (figure 1).
[m.sub.a] is the axial modulus of the worm gearing;
Double-enveloping worm gearing provides several distinct advantages over cylindrical worm gearing, including increased torque throughput, improved accuracy, and extended life.
"We've developed a new double-enveloping worm gear set with improved geometry that enables us to carry more load than our current double-enveloping worm gearing," said Jerry Hagaman, director of engineering at Cone Drive.
Double-enveloping worm gearing comprises enveloping worms mated with fully enveloping worm gears.
The ellipsoidal worm gearing can be treated as a special case of globoidal worm gearings.
For several decades, worm gearing has been used in steel mills, machine tools, conveyors, and similar heavy equipment.
Each of these techniques has advantages, and each has been used to produce double-enveloping worm gearing. Cone Drive, a company that has been manufacturing double-envelope worm gearsets and speed reducers for over 50 years, has found that a close tolerance version of the standard double-enveloping design is the most effective and economical choice.