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1. A hole made by a burrowing worm.
2. Physics A theoretical distortion of spacetime in a region of the universe that would link one location or time with another, through a path that is shorter in distance or duration than would otherwise be expected.


1. (Zoology) a hole made by a worm in timber, plants, etc
2. (General Physics) physics a tunnel in the geometry of space–time postulated to connect different parts of the universe
ˈwormˌholed adj



1. a hole made by a burrowing or gnawing worm, as in timber or fruits.
2. a theoretical passageway in space between a black hole and a white hole.
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Noun1.wormhole - hole made by a burrowing wormwormhole - hole made by a burrowing worm  
hollow, hole - a depression hollowed out of solid matter
buraco de minhoca


[ˈwɜːmhəʊl] N (left by earthworm) → agujero m de gusano; (left by woodworm) → agujero m de polilla
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For me there's a lot of confidence in the large-scale elements of the story telling," says Nolan about a story that's as much about family bonds as it is about navigating galactic worm holes.
If you want to make something look older, just add some worm holes.
Moving away from vertebrates, I've found water permeability of 10,000-plus-year-old clay layers to be affected markedly by 'fossil' worm holes that wick water through quickly.
New age and science holdings alike will appreciate This Book is From the Future: A Journey Through Portals, Relativity, Worm Holes, and Other Adventures in Time Travel.
Even Michael Crichton, my favorite sci-fi author, admitted to fudging the rules of science where it applied to worm holes for the sake of telling a story.
hint of want that drives worm holes into the carefully etched wood.
There are plenty of space references -apart from the song Satellite there is talk of black holes and indeed worm holes on that Wife For A Hat Song.
Also, Brown, who leads a research group in theory and modelling of solar and stellar plasmas, mentioned that worm holes could provide a useful short-cut as he goes on his rounds.
After removing bark, a log with no worm holes could be used to produce face and back veneers for the British panels.
The Spectra system reliably detected sound knots and bark pockets, while it partially detected fleck, discoloration, wormholes, cluster of worm holes, wan, split ([greater than or equal to] 0.
Many of these photographs show growth rings, worm holes and other details in perfect clarity.