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intr.v. ver·mi·com·post·ed, ver·mi·com·post·ing, ver·mi·com·posts
To make compost by providing organic waste as a food source to earthworms and then collecting their excrement.
Compost created in this manner.
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All you need is a 20-gallon solid plastic tote with locking lid, two cups of fishing bait worms, a newspaper, three pieces of 2 x 4 lumber, a pie tin and a drill with two bits to build your own composting system or worm ranch start up.
As the production potentials of the vermicompost system increase towards a full blown worm ranch, feeding requirements will increase beyond the capabilities of household waste and some quality control measures will need to be implemented to gain commercial customers such as nurseries and bait shops.
When running a commercial grade worm ranch always keep a portion of the bins in herd cultivation status.