rally round

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rally round

(intr) to come to the aid of (someone); offer moral or practical support
يَلْتَف حَوْل
přijít na pomoc
fylkja sér um
destek olmakyardımına koşmak

w>rally (a)round

vi +prep obj leadersich scharen um; person in distresssich annehmen (+gen)
visich seiner/ihrer etc annehmen


(ˈrӕli) verb
1. to come or bring together again. The general tried to rally his troops after the defeat; The troops rallied round the general.
2. to come or bring together for a joint action or effort. The supporters rallied to save the club from collapse; The politician asked his supporters to rally to the cause.
3. to (cause to) recover health or strength. She rallied from her illness.
nounplural ˈrallies
1. a usually large gathering of people for some purpose. a Scouts' rally.
2. a meeting (usually of cars or motorcycles) for a competition, race etc.
3. an improvement in health after an illness.
4. (in tennis etc) a (usually long) series of shots before the point is won or lost.
rally round
to come together for a joint action or effort, especially of support. When John's business was in difficulty, his friends all rallied round (to help) him.