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n. Mythology
An important god in the religion of the Germanic tribes of pre-Christian Germany, corresponding to the Norse god Odin.

[German, from Middle High German, from Old High German Wuotan; see wet- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈvəʊtɑːn; ˈvɔː-)
(European Myth & Legend) the supreme god in Germanic mythology. Norse counterpart: Odin
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Noun1.Wotan - supreme Teutonic god; counterpart of Norse Odin and Anglo-Saxon Woden
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Singing and acting are of a very high standard, with Sir Donald McIntyre bringing all his wise experience to the anguished, desperate Wotan, Annemarie Sand a properly enchanting Sieglinde and Jenny Miller a fiery Brunnhilde.
As the company was about to embark on a new Der Ring des Nibelungen in 2007, directed by the brilliant Scotsman, David McVicar, it was in need of a Wotan for Das Rhein-gold.
Wotan has already been indulging in some horseplay with his spirited favourite daughter Brunnhilde (Lisa Gasteen) whose defiance of her father will ultimately dictate the rest of the Ring's action.
Bill remembered reading about the Valkyries: they were Wotan's illegitimate daughters, all with ridiculous names.
The other was the arrival of the foremen giants and their workers in orange overalls at the construction site of Wotan's palace.
The opera has notable cast, including tenor Stuart Skelton and soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek playing the incestuous twins Siegmund and Sieglinde while Greer Grimsley sings Wotan and Philippe Jordan conducts.
It includes Stephen Gould as Siegmund, who was awarded the title of Osterreichischer Kammersanger by the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture Austria in 2015; Albert Dohmen as Hunding; brass baritone Egils Silins as Wotan; and soprano Catherine Foster, who has played Brunnhilde for six consecutive years.
Wotan slipped up when he did his deal with the builder-giants, offering them his sister-in-law, Freia, as payment.
Some connections are just proclaimed without presenting a convincing argument: In the last chapter, "Hunding's Horns, Wotan's Storms, Sieglinde's Nightmare," Syer states that Wagner's depiction of the goddess Artemis, which he inserted into his adaptation of Gluck's Iphigenia en Aulis "initially influenced the basic concept of Wotan's stormy presence in Siegfried's Tod" (p.
Jo Pohlheim's definitive Alberich and Mats Almgren's cavernous bass as Fafner have comparatively little to do in Siegfried, but Bela Perencz's authoritative Wanderer (Wotan) illuminates all three acts.
woTan He made his debut as Wotan in Wagner's Ring Cycle in 2004 at the Royal Opera House, prompting many to describe the singer as "fulfilling his destiny".