Woven paper

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writing paper having an even, uniform surface, without watermarks.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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PS25.99 Woven paper storage Basket Set, Wayfair.co.uk
An oil painting on woven paper and a mural painting were investigated by infrared reflection spectroscopy for the noninvasive identification of animal carbon black pigments.
The collection boasts beautiful hand-painted art, digitally printed on heavyweight, non woven paper. Each design captures detail very effectively, by retaining each brush stroke and shade as painted by the artist.
The Haitian boy who awakens in the tent to a horn blowing alarm must struggle to get his woven paper turtles to the market to sell early so that he can earn money to help rebuild his broken home.
They then dipped them in liquid tempera paint and printed on the woven paper.
"This consists of 12 pieces made of woven paper that discusses, among other things, the impact of forgotten traditional crafts in building the memory of a society," he said.
The Art of Paper Weaving: 46 Colorful, Dimensional Projects includes full-sized templates and online support, plus paper for one project, as it covers techniques for a craft that has its roots in traditional Danish and German woven paper designs.
The collection has an organic design and elegant look and is made from a natural material called lloyd loom (woven paper).
Students made woven paper "Kufi'' hats, which are popular in Ghana, created masks and heard folk tales.
Crafted from woven paper, the hand-painted, grey lacquered piece could even withstand rain, he claimed, adding it cost Dh1,800.
Paper from coffee-maker filters will work, as will tightly woven paper towels.