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imp.1.imp. of Wax.
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Abbreviations: BIN2: BRASSINOSTEROID-INSENSITIVE 2; CLE: CLV3/ESR-related; GSK3: Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3; LRR-RLK: leucine-rich repeat-receptor-like kinase; MIDD1: microtubule depletion domain 1; NAC: NAM, ATAF1,2, and CUC2; PCD: programmed cell death; ROP: Rho of plants; ROPGEF4: ROP GDP/GTP exchange factor 4; ROPGAP3: ROP GTPase-activating protein 3; TDIF: tracheary element differentiation inhibitory factor; TDR: TDIF receptor; NST: NAC SECONDARY WALL THICKENING PROMOTING FACTOR; SND1: SECONDARY WALL-ASSOCIATED NAC DOMAIN PROTEIN1; VND: VASCULAR-RELATED NAC-DOMAIN; VISUAL: Vascular cell Induction culture System Using Arabidopsis Leaves; WOX: WUS-related HOMEOBOX; ZEN1: zinnia endonuclease 1; TOM5: TARGET OF MONOPTEROS 5.
In Arabidopsis, 15 WOX genes are grouped into 3 clades: group 1 containing WOX1-WOX7 and WUS; group 2 containing WOX8, WOX9, WOX11, and WOX12; group 3 containing WOX10, WOX13, and WOX14 [7, 14].
In this study, we systematically performed the analysis of the origin and evolutionary history of 350 WOX sequences from 50 plants species.
Det Chief Insp Wilson said the vehicle, a top-of-the-range silver Volkswagen Golf 2.88 V6 4Motion, had still not been found and appealed to anyone who had information about its false plate - CX02 WOX.
Kochieva et al., "Homeobox genes encoding WOX transcription factors in the flowering parasitic plant Monotropa hypopitys," Russian Journal of Genetics: Applied Research, vol.
Sixteen-year-old Lucy Wox has been selected for The One Show's Rickshaw Challenge, following her involvement with Cramlington Voluntary Youth Project (CVYP), an organisation part funded by BBC Children in Need.
Meng, "Efficient degradation of organic pollutant with WOx modified nano Ti[O.sub.2] under visible irradiation," Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A, vol.
'A silver V6 VW Golf had been spotted in the city centre prior to the robbery, registration CX02 WOX, which is a completely false number plate.
The day includes a practical demonstration of on-farm slurry and manure testing kits by Geoffrey Wox of David Wox contractors and farmers.