p. p.1.p. p. of Wax.
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After his wife leaves him for the satyrs of the wild (x.51.1-9), he grows more and more consumed by jealousy until he undergoes a metamorphosis in which he literally becomes an allegory: "he through priuy griefe, and horror vaine, /Is woxen so deform'd that he has quight /Forgot he was a man, and Gelosy is hight" (x.57-60).
It would not come as too much of a surprise for someone following the precepts of foolish virginity, precepts that enforce fleshy integrity, to be planning how to profit from a bargained marriage, "whan she woxen is a wyf" (71).
For example, they may impair an operator's ability to detect and recognize warning signals (Casali & Wright, 1995; Robinson & Casali, 1995), understand speech (Gower & Casali, 1994; Robinson & Casali, 2000; Van Wijngaarden & Rots, 2001; Wagstaff & Woxen, 2001), identify operationally relevant environmental sounds, and localize sound (see, e.g., Noble, Murray, & Waugh, 1990).
CREW: G Krancz (SWE), M Van Triest (NED), R Andern (NZ), M Humphries (GBR), T Mutter (NZ), T Braidwood (AUS), G Cooke (NZ), G Kessels (GBR), D Rolfe (NZ), M Woxen (SWE)
Such rage as winters, reigneth in my heart, My life bloud friesing with unkindly cold: Such stormy stoures do breede my balefull smart, As if my yeare were wast, and woxen old.
Chaucer, for example, has a prophetic vision of a media chaos, a great confusion of truth and falsehood, in his description of the House of Rumour: And whan that was ful yspronge spread everywhere And woxen more on every tonge amplified by Than ever hit was, and went anoon Up to a wyndowe out to goon - Or, but hit myght oute there pace, Hyt gan out crepe at some crevace And flygh forth faste, for the nones for a while ...
of pe fadere blysse caught was so hard fustes and ioyntes and lost han here strengpe, and as a crepe1 woxen. (1027-33) [And Titus took so much joy from the news that a sickness suddenly struck his sinews.