Wrangell Mountains

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Wran·gell Mountains

A mountain range of southeast Alaska northwest of the St. Elias Mountains. The highest point in the range is 4,996 m (16,390 ft).

Wrangell Mountains

pl n
(Placename) a mountain range in SE Alaska, extending into the Yukon, Canada. Highest peak: Mount Blackburn, 5037 m (16 523 ft)

Wran′gell Moun′tains

a mountain range in SE Alaska. Highest peak, 16,500 ft. (5029 m).
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Years ago, on a sheep hunt in Alaska's Wrangell Mountains, we were far up on a treacherous slope, nothing but jagged rocks.
The Ahtna region "encompasses the Copper River Basin and the Wrangell Mountains and is bordered by the Mentasta and Nutzotin Mountains to the northeast, the Alaska Range to the north, the Talkeetna Mountains to the West, and the Chugach Mountains so the south," according to the company.
14), and from there illustrates how the development of air transport in Alaska's Wrangell Mountains has been framed in the public eye as a reinterpretation of this idea.
Backpacking in the northern foothills of the Wrangell Mountains in the 13.
There were 30 people on board flight 4422 when it crashed into the Wrangell Mountains in eastern Alaska on March 12, 1948, killing everyone on board.
Built in 1987, the lodge has 35 clean, delightful guest rooms, two living rooms, a spacious dining room, and a 180-foot front porch with a spectacular panoramic view of the Wrangell Mountains, Chugach Mountains, and Kennicott Glacier.
An unforgettable wilderness experience is guaranteed on this backpack into the heart of the Wrangell Mountains.
To the north rises the jagged spine of the Wrangell Mountains.
DANCE ISN'T usually the first thing people associate with McCarthy, a former mining boom town located on the edge of Alaska's Wrangell Mountains.
The Ahtna region includes the Copper River Basin and the Wrangell Mountains.
They occur in several distinct locations: the Alaska Range, Brooks Range, Chugach Mountains, Kenai Mountains, Talkeetna Mountains, Tanana Hills, White Mountains and the Wrangell Mountains.
This led him to be involved in prospecting for copper in what would eventually become the Kennecott mine in the Wrangell Mountains.