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v. t.1.See 2d Wreak.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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and sayde: 'Lorde bat art ryghtwys juge, bou wreke me apon bis man bat habe bus falsly slayne me for my trew catayle.' And berwyth come a voyce from Heuen and sayde: 'Thys day brytty wyntyr, bou shalt haue vengeans' (Festial, 88).
Wiste min louerd Crist, ful wel he wolde be wreke.' 'Iudas, go pou on pe roc, heie upon pe ston.
Hym thoughte that his herte wolde breke, Whan he saugh hem so pitous and so maat, That whilom weren of so greet estaat; And in his armes he hem alle up hente, And hem conforteth in ful good entente, And swoor his ooth, as he was trewe knyght, He wolde doon so ferforthly his myght Upon the tiraunt Creon hem to wreke That al the peple of Grece sholde speke How Creon was of Theseus yserved As he that hadde his deeth ful wel deserved.
What is the cause | if it be for to telle That ye been in this furial pyne of helle Quod Canacee | vn to this hauk aboue Is this for sorwe of deeth | or los of loue For as I trowe | thise been causes two That causen moost | a gentil herte wo Of oother harm | it nedeth nat to speke For ye your self | vp on yow self yow wreke (V.
Jasdon: Now, be Machomete so myghty, pat ye doon of meue I wold I wyste how pat we myght yt gete; I swer by my grete god, and ellys mote I nat cheue, But wyghtly the[r]on wold I be wreke. (209-12)
The Chylde answereth A a a/a worde I can not speke I am so zonge /I was bore zisterdai Dethe is so hasti/on me to be wreke And liste no lenger / to make no delai I cam but now / and now I go my wai Of me no more/no tale shal be tolde The wille of god/no man with-stonde mai As sone dyeth/a zonge man as an olde.