Writ of possession

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(Law) a precept directing a sheriff to put a person in peaceable possession of property recovered in ejectment or writ of entry.

See also: Possession

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(More Power) by appealing a court decision to issue a writ of possession in favor of More Power over Peco's facilities and equipment needed to distribute electricity in the city and other areas on Panay Island.
MORE has said that it will ask the higher courts to review the Mandaluyong RTC ruling, adding that the latter's decision has no bearing on the petition for writ of possession pending with the Iloilo City RTC.
30, 2010, the RTC issued a writ of possession in favor of Valenzuela City with a ruling that the city has the right to take the property for the construction of a school building.
He said this reduces the likelihood of predatory landlords dangling a writ of possession over a tenant to avoid having to uphold their duties as landlords.
A "High Court Writ of Possession" was attached to the door.
He said so far, his group had utilised RM526,618 of the RM1.5 million allocation to build a temporary temple as replacement, following which One City had moved the court to enforce a writ of possession to take possession of the land.
The judgment of the Supreme Court issued on 24.8.2017 in two applications for a certiorari order gives an indication of the above, where the court, analysing the relevant case law, did not allow the annulment of the writ of possession for the property in question and did not prohibit its execution against the applicants who claimed they were subtenants of the company, which was a statutory tenant.
The universal legatee has the right, pursuant to article 1058 Civil Code, to the fruits of succession assets from the moment he requested the writ of possession or since it was handed over to him voluntarily.
"I have been concerned about the deliberate policy of Birmingham City Council not to inform tenants of their ability to seek to suspend the writ of possession.
Conversely, a tenant who may have been eager to litigate may welcome negotiations with the landlord once it is evicted or learns that a writ of possession has issued.
Judge Chris Piazza issued a writ of possession on Jan.