Writ of protection

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(Law) A writ by which the king formerly exempted a person from arrest; - now disused
A judicial writ issued to a person required to attend court, as party, juror, etc., intended to secure him from arrest in coming, staying, and returning.
- Blackstone.

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Expelled Iglesia ni Cristo member Lowell Menorca II on Friday said he was set to file criminal charges against all those people who did wrong to (his) family during their alleged abduction and detention as soon as the Court of Appeals decided on his camp's request for a writ of protection from the INC.
Part III will present the collective writ of protection as an instrument for the implementation of group rights and recommend that, beyond associations, individuals also have the right to initiate such litigation.
It thus resembles other causes of action, such as the writ of protection or the unconstitutionality claim.
Unlike the amparo or writ of protection, (6) the Latin American collective action did not originate indigenously.
First, individuals or organizations may seek a "collective" writ of protection against violations of the rights of a larger collectivity.
For instance, some tribunals south of the border have created, sua sponte and in the absence of any enabling legislation, a joint writ of protection.
The individual writ of protection developed in Mexico in the nineteenth century in order to enable private parties to claim their legal entitlements.
Many Latin American jurisdictions have established a collective writ of protection or security.
It thus converted, sub silentio, an ordinary writ of protection into a collective one.
This time, the justices stated that they had recently created and that they would now grant, ex proprio motu, the collective writ of protection.
We treat this claim as a petition for a collective writ of protection, which this Chamber generally authorized in [Defensoria del Pueblo v.
The Supreme Court directives were the same recommendations made by Branch 63 of the the Regional Trial Court in La Trinidad, Benguet, which originally issued a "writ of amparo" or writ of protection in favor of Balao.