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Noun1.write-in candidate - a candidate for public office whose name does not appear on the ballot and so must be written on the ballot by the voters
campaigner, candidate, nominee - a politician who is running for public office
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Of course, I could cast a write-in vote for Xena, Warrior Princess .
Demonstrating the sheer force of her popularity, write-in vote Oprah Winfrey finished in the top 5.
Betschart thought she was to record the write-in vote total by hand, when it already had been automatically entered by voting machine software, state elections analyst Ericka Haas explained.
Allen said a vacancy on the Board of Assessors would be filled by a write-in vote, which had yet to be approved by the person with the most votes.
The effective and responsible tack is to use your write-in vote to elect the person you feel is best for the job - you can write in anyone you believe will represent you better than the official candidates.
The result is an insult to the principle that a write-in vote should count the same as any other.
Chandler, who was unopposed in her re-election bid, received one write-in; a Donald Sharry also received one write-in vote.
But Schmidt, the city attorney, argued that a write-in vote is the same as a vote for a declared candidate.
The write-in vote is one of the minor satisfactions of casting a ballot.
The voting took on more of a game quality as the write-in votes were tallied.
The write-in process for those districts is different from how write-in votes work in most Oregon elections, Lane County Clerk Cheryl Betschart said.
Write-in votes cause the ballot to be moved into a second tray inside the voting machine, from which they must be removed and hand tallied.