Writing school

a school for instruction in penmanship.

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References in classic literature ?
After prayers the Synagogue shortly took the semblance of a writing school.
A club was formed, of all the passengers, which met in the writing school after prayers and read aloud about the countries we were approaching and discussed the information so obtained.
Even though he is writing school exams and I've never stressed that he has to fast, he insists on fasting, and has already fasted for most of the month already," Shafeek Yousuf, 37, a travel agency manager from India, told Gulf News.
His wife lectures in creative writing at the Manchester Writing School at Manchester Metropolitan University, and has made a name for herself - as Catherine Fox - writing raunchy Church of England novels, or "cassock-rippers".
Andrew Lam: I went to creative writing school at San Francisco State University in 1989, and it was a big learning curve.
Places where students usually read and write Entering Graduating Total N % N % N % Reading School 65 15,38 69 20,41 134 17,61 Work 51 12,06 46 13,61 97 12,75 Home 167 38,48 120 35,50 287 37,71 Church 16 3,78 9 2,66 25 3,29 Clinics 8 1,89 6 1,78 14 1,84 Others 9 2,13 6 1,78 15 1,97 No answer 2 0,47 2 0,59 4 0,53 Writing School 140 27,08 125 31,02 265 28,80 Work 93 17,98 75 18,61 168 18,26 Home 143 27,66 99 24,56 242 26,30 Church 11 2,13 7 1,74 18 1,97 Others 2 0,39 6 1,49 8 0,87 No answer 2 0,39 3 0,74 5 0,54 Note: n = number; % = percentile Table 5.
After that, she'll be running Manchester Children's Book Festival (June 24-July 3), poetryreading at the Edinburgh Festival in August - plus she's busy with a new anthology (due to be published in November), as well as her continued post as professor and creative director of the writing school at Manchester Metropolitan University.
Yes, the name is familiar to me for two reasons: firstly, while I personally hate cooking, I am very interested in relating to the result(s) and my wife tells me my burgeoning tummy is proof that I am telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth; secondly, Annabel is a former student of mine from the Waiheke Summer Writing School of the 1980s.
I always tell young readers that all the greats I grew up reading, like Austen or Dickens, didn't go to creative writing school.
DEAR POETESS--I graduated from [Name of Famous Writing School deleted] In 1986.
Accordingly, we issued new curricula and began writing school books and developing related methods.
A graduate of the University of Iowa's celebrated creative writing school, he is a widely praised author whose books include "You Deserve Nothing,'' about an American teacher in Paris fired for having an affair with a student, and a new release, "A Marker to Measure Drift,'' about a homeless Liberian woman on a Greek island.