n.1.A person of a perverse understanding or obstinate character.
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After Miss Arbe lets the company down, Elinor, the outspoken feminist, decides to take the lead role of Lady Townly herself, but then finds she can't manage it and has to settle for her original role as Lady Wronghead.
54 of length 9: multihead, multipeda, run-rigged, spoollike, spoon-feed, spoonhead (ITIS animal), spoonlike, spring-fed, springled, stipendia, stoollike, storklike, storm-head, stormlike, sufrencia, sun-smoked, suntinged, sursingle, sursolide, symplocea, syruplike, turmoiled, turnpiked, two-thread, unmildjai, unsingled, urophobia, vsurpinge, withseide, wronghead, York pence, younghead