n.1.A person of a perverse understanding or obstinate character.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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After Miss Arbe lets the company down, Elinor, the outspoken feminist, decides to take the lead role of Lady Townly herself, but then finds she can't manage it and has to settle for her original role as Lady Wronghead. (So much for feminism, perhaps?) She should have persevered, however, for Harleigh, the hero and the man she loves, plays Lord Townly over against Juliet's Lady Townly, and promptly falls in love with her on stage.
54 of length 9: multihead, multipeda, run-rigged, spoollike, spoon-feed, spoonhead (ITIS animal), spoonlike, spring-fed, springled, stipendia, stoollike, storklike, storm-head, stormlike, sufrencia, sun-smoked, suntinged, sursingle, sursolide, symplocea, syruplike, turmoiled, turnpiked, two-thread, unmildjai, unsingled, urophobia, vsurpinge, withseide, wronghead, York pence, younghead
Indeed the preference for close marriage over-rides the preference for marriage to spouse in the preferred kin category -- 'Men who lack a partner of the right marriage category in neighbouring clan usually marry 'wronghead' close to home rather than marry a partner in the right category from some distant clan' (ibid.).