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v. t. & i.1.See 2d Will.
Pour out to all that wull.
- Spenser.
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That wull be the doctor's launch," said Captain MacElrath.
he muttered to that grim companion, "I'm quit of you, an' wull quit .
The launch wull cost ye naught an' ut 'ull brung ye back.
Don't let her bear more tull the north'ard than west-by-north,' I said tull hum, 'an' ye wull be all right.
An' when your father says no, then Jummy says, 'An' how wull he be knowun a' tull find hus way?
But ut wull show ye what a puir fellow thot mate was.
The Wekley farm wull soon be for sale, so the agents be tellun' me," his wife remarked, slyly watching what effect her announcement would have upon him.
We wull be buyun' ut," he said, "though we wull be no tellun' a soul of ut ontul ut's bought an' the money paid down.
But once thot farm is mine I wull no be afeard ony longer.
Chairman and Gintlemen," said the Other, "it sames to me, and I'm hopin' yez wull approve the suggistion, that an appropriet way to honour the mimory of the decaised would be to erect an emolument sootably inscribed wid his vartues.
I wull have satisfaction o' thee," answered the squire; "so doff thy clothes.
It's probable he wull have been dead aboot three hours.