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Noun1.Wurlitzer - United States businessman (born in German) who founded a company to make pipe organs (1831-1914)
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A FEELGOOD made in Merseyside film is to be given a special screening - to help raise money to reinstate The Mighty Wurlitzer organ at The Plaza Community Cinema, in Waterloo.
Songs like the epic closer 'A Yarn From A Wheel' have a theatrical element to them, and while the focus is still firmly rooted in '60s and '70s rock like Cream, Deep Purple and Jethro Tull, there is a psychedelic haze that ripples through songs like 'Ride On My Bike' and 'Riddles and Games' which are awash with fuzzy guitars and Wurlitzer organs.
Mark, from Newcastle, has been named Young Theatre Organist Of The Year and has appeared in venues as diverse as the Tower Ballroom, Blackpool on the Wurlitzer, and even a venue in Israel.
A Wurlitzer juke box sold for PS1,800, while a stuffed hare, dressed in a trilby hat and holding a toy gun, which had been valued at PS40-PS60, made PS200.
The West End in Suffolk Street opened in 1925 as a dance hall and cinema, which boasted a superb Wurlitzer organ, but its doors finally closed in March 1965.
Spanglish Fly recaptures the high-flying spirit of Boogaloo in its lively performance featuring wurlitzer and brass, funky bass, congas and timbales, and more.
Movie and Music "Sherlock Jr.'' starring Buster Keaton, accompanied by Clark Wilson on the Mighty Wurlitzer, 2 p.m.
The film will be accompanied live by Ivan Docenko on the Wurlitzer organ.
Audiences will be able to hear the Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ played before the movie.
He left college to study under Lyn Larsen at Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa, Ariz., which housed what some claim is the biggest Wurlitzer theater organ in the world.
WALES MAY 4: The Scott Duo - Jonathan and Tom Scott - will play the Tywyn Wurlitzer organ at the refurbished Neuadd Pendre centre in Gwynedd.