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Noun1.Wurlitzer - United States businessman (born in German) who founded a company to make pipe organs (1831-1914)
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Tenders are invited for Removal of flood damage in 2013 at the pumping station hotplate in the Wurlitzer strafe in 06712 zeitgeist (m 22); demolition and restoration of tiled floors and wall surfaces
From the Mighty Wurlitzer to Weardale's Heritage Railway, volunteers will be offering a unique glimpse of the past.
THE name Wurlitzer is synonymous with juke boxes - rare versions of which still fetch a pretty penny today at auctions around the world.
Audiences will be able to hear the Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ played before the movie.
which housed what some claim is the biggest Wurlitzer theater organ in the world.
accompanied by Clark Wilson on the Mighty Wurlitzer, 2 p.
The 1934 Mighty Wurlitzer at the now demolished James Finegan Hall was originally salvaged from the Granada Theatre in Bedford, before coming to Eston in 1981.
Inspired by the sound of the Mighty Wurlitzer at the famous Tower Ballroom in Blackpool, Ian was just seven years old when he learned to play the electronic organ.
Although the acoustic piano is included, the focus is on the evolution of popular styles as defined by Rhodes, Moog, Hammond and Wurlitzer, among others--the ones who carved a place for keyboards in modern musical culture.
The 32-year-old said: "I'm already getting the vibraphone out and the Wurlitzer - these nice sort of twinkling high nice sort of mellow sounds that makes the baby kick and stuff.
To pass the time and because to do otherwise would be "unconstitutional," Thuermer later told The Washington Post, he and two other prisoners formed the Bad Nauheim Wurlitzer Cup Series, a four-team baseball league.
Having caught the organ-restoration bug, Ben began to devote every spare moment to tinkering with the instrument - and he spends his weekends looking after the mighty Wurlitzer he installed at Pembrokeshire theme park Folly Farm.