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imp.1.imp. of Wit.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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If the wust comes to the wust, I can but work at my trade, for I was brought up in a shoe manufactory.”
And that ain't the wust. They said he could VOTE when he was at home.
"Wal, now, Tom," he said, "ye re'lly is too bad, as I al'ays have told ye; ye know, Tom, you and I used to talk over these yer matters down in Natchez, and I used to prove to ye that we made full as much, and was as well off for this yer world, by treatin' on 'em well, besides keepin' a better chance for comin' in the kingdom at last, when wust comes to wust, and thar an't nothing else left to get, ye know."
Wust lent his expertise in mass spectrometry and metabolite identification to the project.
Neocrex erythrops "gallineta pico rojo" fue reportada por primera vez para Villa en 1988 (Wust & Schulemberg, observado en diciembre 1988, citado en Wust et al.
From left: Alistair Scott of Jaguar Land Rover Asia Pacific Importers; British Ambassador, Daniel Pruce; San Juan City Mayor, Guia Gomez; George Barcelon of Coventry Motors Corporation; Mandy Eduque of All British Cars; and Andy Wust of Jaguar Land Rover Asia Pacific Importers at the ribbon cutting ceremony of All British Cars Greenhills on June 21.
These paratexts, in which Fischer reflects on both on her own subject position and her working relationship with Lilly Wust, are central to the argument developed here.
Wust won her fifth Olympic gold medal, and her 10th medal overall.
Wust, who is also the first Dutch athlete to win five Olympic gold medals, crossed the line in one minute 54.35 seconds, with Japan's Miho Takagi taking the silver and another Dutch skater Marrit Leenstra winning bronze.
Ireen Wust, long track speed-skating, the Netherlands Wust showed promise by winning gold in the 3,000-metre race and bronze in the 1,500 at Turin at age 19 and added another gold medal in the 1,500 at Vancouver in 2010.
The President on the occasion also inaugurated three mega projects including Women University of Science and Technology (WUST), Students Startup Business Centre (SSBC) of University of Science and Technology and Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC) .
The president also inaugurated three projects including the Women University of Science and Technology (WUST), Students Startup Business Centre (SSBC) at the University of Science and Technology and the Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC).