Wutai Shan

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Wu·tai Shan

 (wo͞o′tī′ shän′)
A range of mountains in northeast China between Taiyuan and Beijing, rising to 3,058 m (10,033 ft).
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Two college students died after being rushed to local hospitals after drowning in the pool under Shenshen waterfall in Wutai Township in Taiwan's southern county of Pingtung on Sunday afternoon (June 23), Central News Agency (CNA) reported.
When Renxiang reported Renrui to Wutai County Court for mixing the family bloodline, official incharge, Jin Xinshu ruled that Renrui was not the Tianyou's biological father, based on an absurd ' blood drop test' described in an ancient text and separated him from his father.
[6] studied the attributes of [PM.sub.10] and [PM.sub.2.5] at Mount Wutai Buddhism Scenic Spot, Shanxi China.
Fan, "Retention of atmospheric particles by local plant leaves in the mount Wutai scenic area, China," Atmosphere, vol.
Players could peddle across the mythical places of Rocket Town, Nibelheim and Wutai, and perhaps swap properties or buy one.
So it should not be surprising that among the earliest poems inDarkening Mirror are one called "Etude" and another called"Meeting Rain, Wutai Mountain," the one announcing arelationship to Europe, the other sounding like the title of a poem byLi Bai or Du Fu.
The antihero Wei has a series of turbulent adventures involving court politics, the martial arts world, secret societies, the Lamaist section of the Wutai Mountains, the Koxinga (Zheng Chenggong 1624-1662) court in Taiwan, the satrap (Wu Sangui 1612-1678) ambitions in Yunnan, and the border negotiations with Russia leading to the Treaty of Nerchinsk of 1689.
Wutai. One day, a monk who was walking by on pilgrimage asked her, "Which is the way to Mt.
With these questions in mind, this paper revisits Deqing's involvement in a Dharma assembly held at Mount Wutai around Wanli 10 (1582) in hope of disclosing strategies that Deqing employed for self-promotion as well as the efforts that he and later generations of people took to shape his image.