Wutai Shan

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Wu·tai Shan

 (wo͞o′tī′ shän′)
A range of mountains in northeast China between Taiyuan and Beijing, rising to 3,058 m (10,033 ft).
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So it should not be surprising that among the earliest poems inDarkening Mirror are one called "Etude" and another called"Meeting Rain, Wutai Mountain," the one announcing arelationship to Europe, the other sounding like the title of a poem byLi Bai or Du Fu.
Missing and feared dead since his abduction by police in February 2009, Gao told Reuters news agency recently that he was held for six months and has since been living "a quiet life" near Wutai mountain, a Buddhist landmark in northern Shanxi province.
The contributions include case studies of the economics of two Chinese National Parks, examinations of the interactive development of real estate and tourism, discussion of the decay of statism in relation to cultural representations at tourist destinations, exploration of the birthplace of Confucius as an example of the evolution of cultural tourism, evaluation of visitor experiences at the Chinese Buddhist site of Wutai Mountain, analysis of tour guide interpretation in China, and community participation issues and perspectives.