Wutai Shan

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Wu·tai Shan

 (wo͞o′tī′ shän′)
A range of mountains in northeast China between Taiyuan and Beijing, rising to 3,058 m (10,033 ft).
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Pingyao is famous for its unique salt beef, while the areas around Wutai Shan are known for wild mushrooms.
In this case study of the Buddhist historical pilgrimage site Wutai Shan in China, author Shepherd (anthropology and international affairs, George Washington University) examines the relationships between the preservation of religious sites as heritage, the promotion of tourism for economic development, and the use of the Western paradigm of heritage management in China.
3360, "Da Tang Wutai shan quzi wushou jizai sumozhe" [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], which contains six poems despite its title; (2) S.