Wutai Shan

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Wu·tai Shan

 (wo͞o′tī′ shän′)
A range of mountains in northeast China between Taiyuan and Beijing, rising to 3,058 m (10,033 ft).
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Sailing first to China, Hyecho continued to what is today Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran, before taking the Silk Road and heading back east, where he ended his days on the sacred mountain of Wutaishan in China.
Contract awarded for Repair damage to Wutaishan 2016 tour Business
Nomads on Pilgrimage: Mongols on Wutaishan (China), 1800-1940
7) In a letter from General Nieh's headquarters, Wutaishan, Shansi, dated 19 July 1938, Bethune wrote to his New York friend, Elsie Sift, as follows: "As you probably know, we, that is the nurse and I, arrived in Sian and later in Yenan, safely.
Among specific topics are a history of Wutaishan Buddhist music, donor-sponsored ritual, calendrical observances, the transmission of shengguan practice, and the politics and business of Buddhist music.