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 (wī′ĭth), Andrew Newell 1917-2009.
American painter whose realistic canvases depict stark rural scenes. His major works include Christina's World (1948) and Tenant Farmer (1961). His father, Newell Convers Wyeth (1882-1945), was also a painter and a book illustrator.
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(ˈwaɪ əθ)

1. Andrew Newell, born 1917, U.S. painter.
2. his father, Newell Convers, 1882–1945, U.S. illustrator and painter.
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Noun1.Wyeth - United States painter (born in 1917)Wyeth - United States painter (born in 1917)
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With all their national aptitude at expedient and resource, Wyeth and his men felt themselves completely at a loss when they reached the frontier, and found that the wilderness required experience and habitudes of which they were totally deficient.
In the meantime, Sublette and Campbell, with their fellow traveller, Wyeth, had pursued their march unmolested, and arrived in the Green River valley, totally unconscious that there was any lurking enemy at hand.
This was somewhat of a disagreeable foretaste of mountain life to some of Wyeth's band, accustomed only to the regular and peaceful life of New England; nor was it altogether to the taste of Captain Sublette's men, who were chiefly creoles and townsmen from St.
They were accompanied by Sinclair and his fifteen free trappers; Wyeth, also, and his New England band of beaver hunters and salmon fishers, now dwindled down to eleven, took this opportunity to prosecute their cruise in the wilderness, accompanied with such experienced pilots.
As to Wyeth, and his little band of "downeasters," they were perfectly astounded by this second specimen of life in the wilderness; the men, being especially unused to bushfighting and the use of the rifle, were at a loss how to proceed.
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