Wyethia amplexicaulis

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Noun1.Wyethia amplexicaulis - balsamic-resinous herb with clumps of lanceolate leaves and stout leafy stems ending in large deep yellow flowers on long stalks; northwestern United States
wild flower, wildflower - wild or uncultivated flowering plant
genus Wyethia - coarse leafy perennial plants resembling sunflowers found especially in the western United States
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The galls caused by Anguillulina balsamophila (Thome) Goodey on the leaves of Wyethia amplexicaulis Nutt.
e Lenticular leaf gall induced by Anguina balsamophila (Nematoda) on Wyethia amplexicaulis (Astcraccae).
and Rose Lomatium dissectum (Nutt.) Mathias and Constance Apiaceae * Lupinus argenteus Pursh Fabaceae (29%) Wyethia amplexicaulis (Nutt.) Nutt.