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 (wī′lər), William 1902-1981.
American filmmaker who directed such film classics as Wuthering Heights (1939) and Ben-Hur (1959).
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Noun1.Wyler - United States filmmaker (1902-1981)Wyler - United States filmmaker (1902-1981)
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Hugo Wyler, a spokesperson for FDPIC said that the agency was keeping track of the development from media reports.
Hugo Wyler, head of communication at the FDPIC, said in a statement to CNBC, "We have taken note of the statements made by David Marcus, Chief of Calibra, on our potential role as data protection supervisory authority in the Libra context.
German-born Jewish director William Wyler went along on suicidal missions aboard a B-17, knowing that even if he survived being shot down the Nazis would murder him anyway.
William Wyler, who won an Oscar for the 1959 epic Ben Hur, flew with the US Eighth Air Force on daring World War II missions from England.
It was thought Wyler had used up all his footage -- but 15 hours lay lost in the American National Archives for over 70 years until a researcher mentioned it to modern-day film maker Erik Nelson.
Apart from Rai Bachchan, filmmaker Zoya Akhtar received the Wyler Award for Excellence in Direction, and Dhadak star Janhvi Kapoor was also honoured with the Wift Emerald Award.
Among its best known brands are Fla-Vor-Ice and Otter Pops frozen pops, Royal and My-T-Fine pudding mix, Wyler's and Wyler's Light drink mixes and Mondo fruit squeezers.
Hap Arnold and a Hollywood director, William Wyler, who had volunteered to serve his country in the best way he knew how.
The latest company to spin-out from Intellectual Ventures, EarthNow recently closed a first round of financing with investments from Airbus, the SoftBank Group, Bill Gates, and Greg Wyler. The initial funding focuses primarily on maturing the overall system design to deliver innovative and unique real-time Earth observation services.
If the latest concept takes off, airlines could eliminate the costs and hurdles of certifying and installing customized cabin Internet systems, according to Greg Wyler, OneWeb's founder.
The film was directed by William Wyler and Produced by Samuel Goldwyn.
For varying reasons, Frank Capra, John Ford, William Wyler, John Huston, and George Stevens all received reserve officer commissions and went to work for the government making films to explain the war to the service personnel who would be fighting it and, eventually, to civilians back home.