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Abbr. WY or Wyo.
A state of the western United States. It was admitted as the 44th state in 1890. Acquired by the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase (1803), Wyoming became a ranching center after the Union Pacific Railroad was established (1868). Cheyenne is the capital and the largest city.


(Placename) a state of the western US: consists largely of ranges of the Rockies in the west and north, with part of the Great Plains in the east and several regions of hot springs. Capital: Cheyenne. Pop: 501 242 (2003 est). Area: 253 597 sq km (97 914 sq miles). Abbreviation: Wyo, Wy or WY (with zip code)


(waɪˈoʊ mɪŋ)

1. a state in the NW United States. 493,782; 97,914 sq. mi. (253,595 sq. km). Cap.: Cheyenne. Abbr.: WY, Wyo., Wy.
2. a city in W Michigan, near Grand Rapids. 62,410.
Wy•o′ming•ite`, n.
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Noun1.Wyoming - a state in the western United StatesWyoming - a state in the western United States; mountainous in the west and north with the Great Plains in the east
Grand Teton National Park - a national park in Wyoming featuring mountains
Yellowstone National Park - the first national park in the United States; located in the border area between Wyoming and Montana and Idaho; spectacular wilderness; famous for Old Faithful geyser and for buffalo and bears
U.S.A., United States, United States of America, US, USA, America, the States, U.S. - North American republic containing 50 states - 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean; achieved independence in 1776
Black Hills - mountains in western South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming
Casper - a city of east central Wyoming on the North Platte river
capital of Wyoming, Cheyenne - the capital and largest city of Wyoming; located in the southeastern corner of the state
Jackson - a town in western Wyoming
Lander - a town in central Wyoming
Laramie - a university town in southeast Wyoming
Rock Springs - a town of southwest Wyoming near the Utah border
Bighorn, Bighorn River - a river that flows from central Wyoming to the Yellowstone River in southern Montana
Black Hills - mountains in southwestern South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming; sacred to the Sioux (whites settling in the Black Hills led to the Battle of Little Bighorn); site of Mount Rushmore
Green River, Green - a river that rises in western Wyoming and flows southward through Utah to become a tributary of the Colorado River
Little Bighorn, Little Bighorn River, Little Horn - a river that flows from northern Wyoming into the Bighorn River in southern Montana; site of Custer's Last Stand
Little Missouri, Little Missouri River - a river that rises in northeastern Wyoming and flows through Montana and South Dakota to join the Missouri River in North Dakota
North Platte, North Platte River - a river that rises in northern Colorado and flows northward into Wyoming and then eastward and southeastward through Nebraska where it joins the South Platte to form the Platte River
Snake River, Snake - a tributary of the Columbia River that rises in Wyoming and flows westward; discovered in 1805 by the Lewis and Clark Expedition
Teton Range - a mountain range in northwest Wyoming; contains the Grand Teton
Yellowstone, Yellowstone River - a tributary of the Missouri River that flows through the Yellowstone National Park
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He is always able to raise capital for new enterprises in Wyoming or Montana, and has helped young men out there to do remarkable things in mines and timber and oil.
The circumstances of the dispute between Connecticut and Pennsylvania, respecting the land at Wyoming, admonish us not to be sanguine in expecting an easy accommodation of such differences.
At ten o'clock at night the train stopped at Fort Bridger station, and twenty minutes later entered Wyoming Territory, following the valley of Bitter Creek throughout.
“And I could weep “—th’ Oneida chief His descant wildly thus begun—” But that I may not stain with grief The death-song of my father’s son.”—Gertrude OF Wyoming.
If I am not mistaken, it is an Allosaurus of the Upper Jurassic, remains of which have been found in Central Wyoming, in the suburbs of New York."
There was no Oklahoma, and the combined population of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Arizona was about equal to that of Des Moines.
"I used to punch cows in Wyoming, an' I've heard of Hell Creek.
After college, his father, in despair, sent him among the cow-punchers of a Wyoming ranch.
The bill includes several key provisions for Wyoming. The legislation is the largest highway bill in history, and will make significant investments to maintain and repair Wyomings roads and bridges, grow the economy, protect wildlife, and make roads safer.
The worlds first national park, 125-year-old Yellowstone remains Wyomings major tourist attraction.
Scientists fear that when the disease reaches any of Wyomings 22 elk feedgrounds or the National Elk Refuge, where elk are densely packed together for the winter months, it could spread rapidly with potentially devastating results throughout the region.
Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) spoke on the Senate floor to honor Wyomings veterans and current servicemembers during National Military Appreciation month.