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 (wĭ-stîr′ē-ə) also wis·tar·i·a (wĭ-stâr′-)
Any of several climbing woody vines of the genus Wisteria in the pea family, having pinnately compound leaves and drooping racemes of showy purplish or white flowers.

[New Latin Wisteria, genus name, after Caspar Wistar (1761-1818), American physician.]


(wɪˈstɪərɪə) or


(Plants) any twining leguminous woody climbing plant of the genus Wisteria, of E Asia and North America, having blue, purple, or white flowers in large drooping clusters
[C19: from New Latin, named after Caspar Wistar (1761–1818), American anatomist]


(wɪˈstɪər i ə)

also wis•tar•i•a

(-ˈstɪər-, -ˈstɛər-)

n., pl. -te•ri•as or -tar•i•as.
any climbing shrub of the genus Wisteria, of the legume family, with pendent flower clusters in white, pale purple, or pink.
[< New Latin Wistaria (1818), after Caspar Wistar (1761–1818), U.S. anatomist]
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Noun1.wisteria - any flowering vine of the genus Wisteriawisteria - any flowering vine of the genus Wisteria
genus Wisteria - Asiatic deciduous woody vine having large drooping racemes of white or bluish or purple or pinkish flowers and velvety pods; widely grown as an ornamental
Japanese wistaria, Wisteria floribunda - having flowers of pink to mauve or violet-blue
Chinese wistaria, Wisteria chinensis - having deep purple flowers
American wistaria, American wisteria, Wisteria frutescens - an eastern United States native resembling the cultivated Japanese wisteria having pale purple-lilac flowers
silky wisteria, Wisteria venusta - a wisteria of China having white flowers
vine - a plant with a weak stem that derives support from climbing, twining, or creeping along a surface


[wɪsˈtɪərɪə] Nglicina f, vistaria f


[wɪˈstɪəriə] nglycine f


nGlyzinie f, → Wistarie f


[wɪsˈtɪərɪə] nglicine m
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