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Noun1.Wyszynski - Polish prelate who persuaded the Soviet to allow greater religious freedom in Poland (1901-1981)
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Contract award notice: Group life insurance for employees of the provincial hospital primate cardinal stefan wyszynski in sieradz and members of their families.
Melissa Wyszynski, Paul Meneely, Mark Sadler, Fiona Mee, Peter Mensley, Anton Newell pictured at the start of the race.
Patrick Peyton, known as "the Rosary Priest," and Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, who mentored Pope John Paul II, advanced a step closer to sainthood when Pope Francis officially recognized their heroic virtues Dec.
Althought they and Cardinal Wyszynski offered good arguments in suport of their views, this article is not the place to expand on these arguments.
es; Carlos Soares, VP of Business Intelligence & Analytics, Liberty Global; Stavros Apostolou, VP Business and Consumer Analytics, Barclays; Harry Powell, Head of Advanced Data Analytics, Barclays; Kristina Hnnikinen, Director of Insight & Analytics, Aller Media Oy; Tomasz Wyszynski, Director Data Analytics, Schneider Electric; Sergio Romero Peas, Director of Marketing & Performance Analytics, Vistaprint; Philip Theron, Global Data Analytics Lead & IFC ITGC Specialist, SABMiller; Jessica Rusu, Director of EU Analytics, eBay; Mahendra Jape, Director and Data Governance Leader, GE Capital; Peter V.
Wyszynski on Juan Pablo Gil-Osle's Amistades imperfectas: Del Humanismo a la Ilustracion con Cervantes.
Bridging a lacuna he finds in the scholarship, Morawiec (philosophy, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski U.
Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski, Primate of Poland, chose not to confront communist power directly.
Jozef Stala, y componen el Consejo Editorial otros ilustres colegas pertenecientes a la misma Universidad, a la Universidad Cardenal Estevan Wyszynski, de Varsovia, y a la Universidad Catolica Juan Pablo II, de Lublin.
Polish and Vatican flags flew side by side at Warsaw airport, and the Pope was greeted by the communist state authorities and Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, aged 78, the veteran Roman Catholic Primate of Poland.
Professor Miroslaw Wyszynski, lead investigator from the University's School of Mechanical Engineering, said: "This will help us to do more research into making engines cleaner and more efficient.