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n.1.(Naut.) Same as Withe, n., 4.
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In 2017, CW acquired 61 North 11th Street --a 60,000 s/f commercial property adjacent to the Wythe Hotel--with plans to convert the building into retail and office spaces.
A Grid and a Conversation: Morris Adjmi Architects (Artifice) surveys the New York City-based architecture firm's first two decades of work, from high-profile projects like the High Line Building and the Wythe Hotel to structures conceived in collaboration with famed architect Aldo Rossi.
The pallet then moves to multiple stations where specific functions are completed: first wythe forming plus steel and concrete placement; CNC station for XPS insulation sizing and placement; second wythe forming plus steel and concrete placement; finishing station; cure chamber; de-moulding and tilt table; and, crane bay for loading panels onto trailers.
Tenders are invited for construction of a new restroom field building, consist of site improvements and construction of a 740 sf single wythe masonry building.
from The College of William and Mary, Marshall Wythe Law School.
MRS Wythe is the latest of several correspondents to write in regarding the chaos caused by the trac 'improvements' at Cotteridge.
An office sits on a humble corner on Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg, a Brooklyn stronghold for hipsters and Hasidim alike.
A warm, spicy scent engulfs the senses as you walk through the door of Kinfolk 94 Wythe, the menswear store just one door down from its well-loved sister bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Players signed up to play at Stratford FC, in Knights Lane, include former Sky Blues Dave Busst, Micky Gynn and Dele Adebola and Villa legends Gary Shaw, Ken McNaught, Tony Morley and Peter Wythe.
Williamsburg Bridge (from Manhattan): Right lane, bear right off 1st exit onto Broadway, drive 2 blocks to Bedford Ave and make a right, drive to North 6th & make a left, down to Wythe Ave.
based confection and specialty food distributor Wythe Will Tzetzo has named Keith McDaniel the successor to Gordon Angles, who is retiring as the company's CEO at the end of the year.
The New River trail offers over 57 miles of walking trails stretching through Grayson, Carroll, Wythe and Pulaski counties.