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(krôs′kŭn′trē, krŏs′-) Abbr. XC or X-C
1. Moving or directed across open country rather than following tracks, roads, or runs: a cross-country race.
2. From one side of a country to the opposite side: a cross-country flight.
A cross-country sport, especially running, skiing, or driving.

cross′-coun′try adv.


adj, adv
1. by way of fields, woods, etc, as opposed to roads: cross-country running.
2. across a country: a cross-country railway.
(Athletics (Track & Field)) a long race held over open ground


(adj. ˈkrɔsˌkʌn tri, ˈkrɒs-; n. -ˈkʌn tri, -ˌkʌn-)

adj., n., pl. tries. adj.
1. directed or proceeding over fields, through woods, etc., rather than on a road, track, or run: a cross-country race.
2. from one end of the country to the other: a cross-country flight.
3. a cross-country sport or race.
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Adv.1.cross-country - not following tracks or roads; "they liked to race cross-country"
2.cross-country - across the countryside; "the river runs cross-country"; "the road runs cross-country"


A. ADJ [route, walk] → a campo traviesa
B. CPD cross-country race Ncross m inv, campo m a través
cross-country running Ncross m
cross-country skiing Nesquí m de fondo


1. adj (race) → campestre, cross-country inv
cross-country skiing → sci m di fondo
2. adv (walk, travel) → attraverso i campi
3. n(corsa) campestre, cross-country m inv


(kros) plural ˈcrosses noun
1. a symbol formed by two lines placed across each other, eg + or x.
2. two wooden beams placed thus (+), on which Christ was nailed.
3. the symbol of the Christian religion.
4. a lasting cause of suffering etc. Your rheumatism is a cross you will have to bear.
5. the result of breeding two varieties of animal or plant. This dog is a cross between an alsatian and a labrador.
6. a monument in the shape of a cross.
7. any of several types of medal given for bravery etc. the Victoria Cross.
1. to go from one side to the other. Let's cross (the street); This road crosses the swamp.
2. (negative uncross) to place (two things) across each other. He sat down and crossed his legs.
3. to go or be placed across (each other). The roads cross in the centre of town.
4. to meet and pass. Our letters must have crossed in the post.
5. to put a line across. Cross your `t's'.
6. to make (a cheque or postal order) payable only through a bank by drawing two parallel lines across it.
7. to breed (something) from two different varieties. I've crossed two varieties of rose.
8. to go against the wishes of. If you cross me, you'll regret it!
1. going or placed across. cross-winds; cross-pieces.
2. of mixed variety. a cross-breed.
ˈcrossing noun
1. a place where a road etc may be crossed. a pedestrian-crossing; a level-crossing.
2. a journey over the sea. I was seasick as it was a very rough crossing.
ˈcrossbow noun
a medieval type of bow fixed to a shaft with a mechanism for pulling back and releasing the string.
ˈcross-breed noun
an animal bred from two different breeds.
ˈcross-bred adjective
ˌcrossˈcheck verb
to check information, calculations etc by using different sources or a different method.
the act of crosschecking.
cross-ˈcountry adjective
across fields etc, not on roads. a cross-country run.
ˌcross-country ˈskiing noun
the sport of skiing with narrow skis across the countryside, through woods etc.
ˌcross-exˈamine verb
in a court of law, to test or check the previous evidence of (a witness) by questioning him.
ˈcross-exˌamiˈnation noun
ˌcross-ˈeyed adjective
having a squint.
ˈcross-fire noun
the crossing of lines of gunfire from two or more points.
at cross-purposes
of two or more people, confused about what they are saying or doing because of misunderstanding one another. I think we're talking at cross-purposes.
ˌcross-reˈfer verb
to give a cross-reference (to). In this dictionary went is cross-referred to go.
ˌcross-ˈreference noun
a reference from one part of a book, list etc to another, eg crept see creep.
ˈcrossroads noun singular
a place where two or more roads cross or meet. At the crossroads we'll have to decide which road to take.
ˌcross-ˈsection noun
1. (a drawing etc of) the area or surface made visible by cutting through something, eg an apple.
2. a sample as representative of the whole. He interviewed a cross-section of the audience to get their opinion of the play.
crossword (puzzle)
a square word-puzzle in which the blanks in a pattern of blank and solid checks are to be filled with words reading across and down, the words being found from clues.
cross one's fingers
to place a finger across the one next to it, for good luck.
cross out
to draw a line through. He crossed out all her mistakes.


سِبَاقُ الضَّاحِيَة přespolní běh terrænløb Geländelauf κρος κάντρι carrera a campo traviesa maasto- cross country kros corsa campestre クロスカントリー 크로스컨트리 경주 crosscountry terrengløp bieg przełajowy corrida a corta-mato, cross-country гонка по пересеченной местности längdåkning ข้ามประเทศ arazide cuộc đua việt dã 越野运动
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This time last year Tiger Roll arrived on Merseyside fresh from a cracking win in the X-Country Chase at the Cheltenham Festival.
Kenya bagged three gold medals and a silver medal at the Youth Olympics courtesy of Jackson Kavesa Muema in the 3,000m and x-country, Fancy Cherono (2,000M SC/x-country and Edinah Jebitok (1,500m/x-country).
Figure skating, snowboarding, skeleton, freestyle, X-country, 7 p.m.
The Merit Card for X-country was awarded to Seargent Devendra Singh Chauhan of Kalidhar Coy, Gentleman Cadet Prattet Singh of Gurez Coy, Gentleman Cadet Rupam Kumar Seth of Rezangla Coy and Gentleman Cadet Angad Singh Walia of Kalidhar Coy.
"On a x-country road trip with my wife," ( Podesta wrote in the first of seven tweets.
In August, we keep a keen eye out for the new freshman or the new student to the school who may have run track but skipped x-country his or her freshman year.
In winter, guests stroll to the ski lifts, access the groomed snowmobile trails from their doorstep or drive 10 minutes to the wonderful site of the 2014 National X-Country Ski Championships.
66 Dundalk 6.00-9.25 Flat 8 races [euro]75k ATR 54 Cheltenham Tote Jackpot 12.15-3.40 Jumps 7 races PS158k X-Country Insp.
The annual Oregon Track Club Pre's Trail X-Country Challenge will be held Aug.
Combining different elements of sport within the games, showjumping, x-country, bending, racing and not to mention aim and fire, where the competitors had to dismount and knock three Olympic ducks off a showjump plank, great hilarity was had.
It can be used year round to take clients hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, camping, horseback riding, X-Country skiing, backpacking, mountain biking, water craft fun or you name it.
In fact, it was his big buddy and Celtic director Dermot Desmond who tried to take pounds 90,000 out of my satchel with his own horse Never Compromise in the X-Country race.