X-linked recessive inheritance

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Noun1.X-linked recessive inheritance - hereditary pattern in which a recessive gene on the X chromosome results in the manifestation of characteristics in male offspring and a carrier state in female offspring
hereditary pattern, inheritance - (genetics) attributes acquired via biological heredity from the parents
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Most patients (65%) have gp91phox mutation with X-linked recessive inheritance in Western countries, while in the region with high rate of consanguinity, such as Turkey, Iran and Israel, autosomal recessive (AR) form of disease is prevalent (2).
The patients are all male, which is in accordance with the genetic characteristics of X-linked recessive inheritance, and the imaging features are consistent with the typical characteristic features of SEDT.
However, based on pedigree analysis, X-linked recessive inheritance is most likely, which is similar to the recent report of clustering in a family.

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