X-ray film

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Noun1.X-ray film - photographic film used to make X-ray pictures
bitewing - a dental X-ray film that can be held in place by the teeth during radiography
photographic film, film - photographic material consisting of a base of celluloid covered with a photographic emulsion; used to make negatives or transparencies
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X-ray diagnostic stationary machine, processing machine for medical x-ray films, dental intraoral system, x-ray film development device, x-ray diagnostic apparatus, x-ray diagnostic stationary device 2 workstations with full-format matrix, x-ray machine
This article describes the assembly and clinical use of a newer type of XCP dental X-ray film positioning device, called the XCP-ORA.
Tokyo, Japan, May 13, 2006 - (JCN) - SII NanoTechnology has launched SFT9500, an advanced fluorescent x-ray film thickness-measuring device.
Last year, the hospital's Radiology department spent only $6,000 on Computed Radiography (CR-digital X-ray image) cassettes instead of $400,000 on X-ray film.
If finer resolutions are needed, x-ray film with a resolution to 25 microns is used, though the preference is to save the image electronically at the lower resolution when possible.
has tried to take the discomfort out of the process by developing an oral X-ray film called SureSoft, with a delicate bead of flexible vinyl compound to cushion its edge.
Civilian contractor James Whittaker pointed out that new equipment eliminates the need for X-ray film and bulky, environmentally unfriendly photographic chemicals.
The Fair Trade Commission (FTC) said Friday it has warned four companies selling medical x-ray film over price-setting collaboration that could violate the Antimonopoly Law.
The first step in the measurement of the frontal sinus is to place the x-ray film on a viewer and draw a line directly on the film horizontally along the upper limit of both orbital cavities (figure 1).
In a digital X-ray machine, the nanocomposite would replace the X-ray film and act like the charged plate in the photocopier.
After X-ray film is developed and fixed, it holds about two percent by weight of silver in its emulsion layers, which are made of gelatin.